Joe Smooth

coffee3Hot to the core,
the brown liquid slides
down the slippery slope,
the bitterest of chocolates
but sweetest of treats,
comes in the form of
a breakfast delight
that transforms
and transitions
to afternoon iced,
ever so carefully
spiced to ensure
I endure the longest of
days so I don’t sleep away
the sun while its high,
or the moon while it teases;
tickling the sky like the
feeling that pleases
me from the inside,
and I radiate and beam,
I smile
and I gleam,
and I just have to share with
you one little thing; on
the day when I found you
I was only sixteen
but you’ve changed me for good,
for the better
for always,
I owe it to you for carrying
me forward so now
I believe 
the morning is worth living
with you in my hand,
the gift that keeps giving
three hundred and
sixty four days and
a half,
your sugar a drug that will bring
me right back like
a shaft of tobacco
or swig of dry whiskey,
O’ java
O’ Joe
what would I do if
you left me?
– October 2017

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